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Nov 21, 2009 1:30pm EST
understand the importance of the railroad to the united states and to the world at that time. before the railroad came along, the only way to get across the country, or from any points, was either by horse and carriage, or by canal, which was very slow. the railroad revolutionized the ability to move across the country, and they became an extraordinarily powerful business. >> so powerful in fact, that in 1947, over 65 million people - the equivalent of almost half our nation's population at the time - passed through grand central in just one year. that gave birth to a popular saying in the 1940s, "busier than grand central station." except, that name is not quite correct. >> the real name of this building is grand central terminal. and the reason for that is that the trains terminate here. >> of course, trains also "originate" from here as well. grand central is a sprawling complex of ramps, stores, tracks, and huge spaces. >> what you see actually here is what we like to say is the tip of the iceberg. there's so much more that goes on behind the scenes. this is just the public portion w
Nov 14, 2009 1:30pm EST
the depth and breadth of creativity produced by young artists across the united states. >> reporter: this is one of your pieces, tell us a little bit about it. >> this is one of my short stories called "hometown harmonics." and it is a narrative about a girl who lives in a small southern town, and it's about four pages long, and it's just kind of a discussion of her opinions on her hot summers there. >> my work is about being an african-american teenager. over the years, i've had some kind of strange encounters with race relations, and i've tried, through art, to kind of explore that some more. >> reporter: while their art is on display, the twelve portfolio gold award winners are also honored, during an evening celebration held at carnegie hall. we see incredible talent coming from every state in the united states. and what that results in is young people from every walk of life competing against each other, but also receiving recognition alongside one another. >> reporter: so get out your paintbrushes and pens. maybe next year, we'll be seeing your work exhibited here. for "teen k
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2